Monday, 5 June 2017

BBC anti-Corbyn bias

Well said, Richard House! (Morning Star,31/05/17) He is right to castigate the right-wing press and the Tory propaganda machine for their "character assassination campaign" aimed at Jeremy Corbyn, and absolutely correct to include the anti-Corbyn "bias shown by the BBC". When the Labour leader forgot the figures relating to the cost of the child care policy, it was headline news on both Radio 4`s "World at One" and BBC1`s "News at 10" programmes. Labour`s Barry Gardiner stressed the unfairness of this on the radio programme, pointing out that Theresa May had made a complete mess of the costing for free breakfasts for all primary schoolchildren, but that never got near the headlines. He could have mentioned, also, all the other gaffes made by Tory bigwigs - Gove and immigration figures, Hammond and the cost of HS2, Fallon`s all too frequent "mis-speaks", Boris Johnson every time he opens his mouth etc
    What Corbyn should have said was that such questioning was pointless, unless the whole point of an election campaign is to test and see which potential prime minister has the better memory! Learning figures off by heart might get you a job at the BBC, it seems, but it is not something that most of us see as essential for a politician. What is needed is someone who cares for the majority, not just the privileged few, and who is prepared to act against unfairness and inequality. In this election, it`s a no-brainer

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