Friday, 9 June 2017

NS didn`t like this

Like Peter Wilby, I hope Corbyn`s Labour gets around 35% of the vote, so that we hear less from "Blair, Mandelson and their ilk about how Labour can`t win on a left-wing manifesto" (First Thoughts, 2nd June, 2017).The trouble is their thoughts have been echoed in most of the recent articles on domestic policies in your magazine. You say that you "campaign for a more just society", but when Corbyn`s policies are aimed at achieving exactly that, you join in the right-wing media`s obsession with attacking him (Labour and the common good, 2nd June, 2017).
      Jason Cowley suggests that after his predicted "shattering defeat" for Labour, the party "must start again by listening to the people" (The reckoning, 2nd June, 2017). Isn`t this exactly what happened after the last election, with the right-wing elements led by Tristram Hunt stressing how Labour lost because it had too little aspirational appeal? This nonsense has been repeatedly rejected by Labour supporters, preferring Corbyn`s honesty and dignity to Tory-lite policies. The people have been listened to, and the result is, at last, a real left-wing challenge to a Tory party dedicated to reducing the tax burden of the rich, and imposing austerity measures on the least fortunate.

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