Friday, 16 June 2017

Corbyn has rewritten the rules

The fact that Britain is "headed for a hung parliament" shows that not only has May`s arrogant gamble failed, but that there is a lesson to be quickly learned by the Labour party (Corbyn stuns the Tories, 09/06/17). With Corbyn clearly not unelectable as so many of the parliamentary party believed, and a left-wing manifesto in the 21st century  far from being one of the "longest suicide notes in history", now is the time for all wings of the party to rally round their democratically elected leader. A disunited party under Corbyn has "changed the face of British politics"; imagine what a united one could do!
     The election has also made clear the point that the broadcasting media have no reason whatsoever to continue their policy of inviting Ukip`s opinion on everything political; the sooner it stops the better!

Corbyn has indeed "rewritten the rules", as even Jonathan Freedland admits (Corbyn didn`t just gain seats - he shredded the rulebook, 10/06/17). The election proved that it is possible to "advance from the left", and that every manifesto a couple of degrees left of Blair`s is not a candidate for the "longest suicide note in history" award.
     Freedland is keen to remind us that Corbyn "still lost" the election, but not that he won the campaign, backed by a disunited parliamentary party, by a country mile. Already I have heard a so-called Labour "moderate" on the radio distancing himself from Corbyn. Will such people never learn? As your editorial rightly says, it is "Mr Corbyn`s party now", and with some pride-swallowing by the likes of Yvette Cooper and Rachel Reeves, this wonderful opportunity can be grasped (The voters have called for a different Britain. Business as usual is not an option, 10/06/17). Corbyn has shown a willingness to compromise; it is their duty to do the same! A "better and fairer Britain" is a small price to pay!

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