Thursday, 1 June 2017

Can`t believe a word (2)

A far more pertinent question than the one asked in your editorial is "How can we believe a word Theresa May says?" (Will Brexit menace progressive Mayism? 21.05.17). The so-called "Christian democratic Mayism" has been around since she made her first speech as prime minister on the steps of Number 10, though why aspects of it hadn`t been evident in her six years at the Home Office is anyone`s guess. That July speech promised a fight against "burning injustice", but no attempt of any sort has been made by her government to reduce inequality. The "just about managing" received no hint of respite in the autumn statement or budget, and your headline news that the proposed ending of free primary school lunches will effect 600,000 "young children recently defined as coming from ordinary working families" makes a mockery of May`s words (May`s schools meal plan "to hit 900,000 poor children", 21.05.17).
      Someone who pledges not to "entrench the advantages of a privileged few" is not expected days later to announce support for an extension of selective grammar schools. May was talked out of forcing businesses to include workers` representatives on their boards, and the silence on tax avoidance has been deafening! 
The u-turn this week on the manifesto`s care proposals emphasises the point that May`s "Red Toryism" has to be accompanied by a pinch of salt. The Observer editorial staff have far more faith in the prime minister`s words than is justified by the evidence.

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