Friday, 23 June 2017

"Biggest bribe in history" - as if!

It`s surprising that Simon Jenkins thinks that Labour`s "£50bn tuition-fee relief" to all graduates was "the biggest election bribe in history"(Where are we now? 16th June, 2017). Where has he been in recent years?
     In all of the elections held at least in the last forty years, the Tories have promised either massive tax reductions to the richest individuals and corporations in our society, or continued freedom for financial institutions to develop tax avoidance schemes without fear of serious punishment. As long as the rich voted Tory, they could continue to squirrel away their wealth in tax havens. Then there has been the raft of privatisations, guaranteeing huge profits for those wealthy enough to participate, but only available after Conservative election victories. Similarly, landlords have been promised freedom to raise rents, free in the knowledge that a Tory government would allow modern-day Rachmanism to flourish, leading to the appalling situation today,where many tenants pay as much as 70% of their earnings on rent. Older people have been bribed for years, not only with promises on pensions, but with pledges on their right to avoid inheritance tax. 
     Then, of course, the Tory promises to de-regulate, and allow developers to build or gentrify properties without rules insisting on health and safety taking priority, ensured profit maximisation, as did pledges to restrict the rights of unions to fight to improve the pay and conditions of their members.
 Some students will undoubtedly have been persuaded by Labour`s tuition-fee promise, but many more will have supported Corbyn because of his promises to reduce inequality, and return an element of fairness to our society. Perhaps Mr Jenkins would call that a bribe too?

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