Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Too appalling for words

Polly Toynbee gave us "just 10 of the multitudinous reasons" why another five years of Tory government must be avoided, but the omission of a number of obvious ones reveals how "terrible" the prospect really is (Here are 10 good reasons to dread five more years of May, 06/06/17). No mention of a foreign policy based on making allies of any dictatorship, regardless of the cruelty of the regime, as long as British weapons are bought; nothing, either, about the inevitable increased inequality which will result from a refusal to tax the rich fairly, and to pass legislation to decrease tax avoidance.        
  The continued exploitation of those renting their homes from greedy landlords, permitted by a Tory government not even bothered whether such properties are actually fit for habitation, could have been included (Tories reject move to ensure rented homes fit for human habitation, 12/01/16). Then there`s the fearful likelihood of five more years of a government refusing to listen to the experts, which, in terms of health, education, policing, and just about everything else, is frankly appalling.
    Toynbee didn`t mention either, five more years of having to listen to Tory rhetoric, duplicitously claiming to be the government of the workers, one which cares about the "just about managing", and  which "doesn`t work for a privileged few" (What she said and what she meant, 13/07/16). Justifiably so; it`s too appalling for words!

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