Thursday, 1 June 2017

Can`t believe a word (1)

Corbyn is absolutely correct to say that the "war on terror is simply not working", and "strong against terrorism and its causes" makes sense as a useful slogan at a time when governments like May`s and Trump`s are all too keen to suck-up to the Saudis (Morning Star, 27/05/17). The need to be honest and frank about the issues which threaten our country`s security have to be addressed, so when May retaliates by saying Corbyn "isn`t up to the job", her opponents have to be united and strong in their opposition both to her duplicity, and to her damaging rhetoric.
      The right-wing press have recently been keen to stress how May`s "interventionist instincts" long pre-date this election, and remind us how she "vowed to take on vested interests in the private sector" back in March 2013. Indeed, they repeat that on entering Number 10 she again pledged to fight "burning injustices", not to be driven by "the interests of the privileged few", nor to "entrench the advantages of the fortunate few", but to help the "just about managing". The trouble is they ignore the evidence, as you would expect.
     Had May`s government ordered an enquiry into the horrific events at Orgreave during the miners` strike, had her party written a manifesto detailing increased taxes on the rich, had she personally not promised to designate 80% of our children as failures with her grammar school policy, and had her chancellor`s autumn statement and budget actually included financial support for struggling families, there might be reasons to believe her. 600,000 children from working families about to lose their free school lunches tell a rather different story.
     Nothing has been done by May`s government to reduce tax avoidance, and there are few causes for optimism, with her husband working for a company in the City whose portfolio includes £20bn of shares in Amazon and Starbucks.

The u-turn on the manifesto`s care proposals emphasises the point that May`s "Red Toryism" has to be accompanied by a pinch of salt, and with polls finally moving in the right direction, could it be the case that the penny is finally dropping?

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