Sunday, 4 June 2017

Corbyn`s the true patriot

At least Toby Helm was prepared to admit that the election is "becoming more difficult to call day by day", contrasting strongly with Andrew Rawnsley`s refusal to do any word-swallowing (This was a "safety first" campaign for May. But as her strategy falters, will the primetime TV showdowns this week become a huge risk? 28.05.17) Whilst stating that journalists responded to May with "open mockery" after the duplicitous social policy "U-turn by Mrs Strong and Stable", Rawnsley could not bring himself to acknowledge that such derision should have been started by political commentators like himself months ago (The Supreme Leader doesn`t seem quite so invincible now, 28.05.17).
   Rather than accepting at face value the prime minister`s words on the steps of Number 10 back in July, some analysis by the likes of Rawnsley  would have seen through such deceitful rhetoric: no evidence, either in the Autumn statement nor the Budget this year, to suggest that the "just about managing" were to get help; no proof that May was serious about tackling "burning injustices", or about making Britain a "country that works for everyone". Not "entrenching the advantages of the fortunate few" is actually about as far away from the policy of extending grammar schools as you can get.
  In the last few days before balloting, Tories will almost certainly attack Corbyn for being unpatriotic, so, hopefully, your paper will remind readers that "patriotism" actually means standing up for the rights of a country`s populace. Companies and individuals who avoid paying their fair share of taxes are the unpatriotic ones, and a government that refuses to make the wealthy contribute towards the essential needs of the people, preferring to allow inequality to flourish, and to target the most vulnerable with unnecessary austerity policies, is acting unpatriotically, and is not worthy of support. In fact, Corbyn`s Labour party, working for the majority and not the privileged few, is the true patriotic party in this election.

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